Thursday, March 19, 2009

an ai is a three-toed sloth

I very much wish I could give you the recipe for the fish cakes I ate tonight, but it's in my brother-in-law's bald head. He tried once to show me how to make them, but the process includes steps such as using mussels to make a broth to cook the potatoes in, so I now sit out by the pool drinking gimlets and smoking Virginia Slims while Tim does the cooking.

I also wish I could show you photos of the Waldorf salad my sister made, but that would require I have a less shitty camera, or if my husband is correct, that I be a better photographer. If we are all lucky, Maura will post her Waldorf salad recipe in the comments (but I warn you, the dressing alone has approximately fifteen ingredients; I'll be out by the pool with my drink, because I've come a long way, baby, but not that far).

And because no meal is complete if I have to cook it, Chrysanne brought dessert. Somehow a bourbon apple cake doesn't sound as insanely, ridiculously good as this cake actually is. So good, I will come to your house, sit by your pool, and drink your liquor while you bake one for me.


  1. Credit Mark Bittman for the cake. And Paul, who discovered and recommended it.

    Anything with that much Jack Daniels and butter would have to be good.

  2. I feel so left out. The only thing I contributed and no picture!