Monday, March 23, 2009

chris loves 'house hunters'

The man goes to a city council meeting and then comes home to watch HDTV. Is that an oxymoron?

Lines from the show I'm overhearing as I type:

"Ooh, walk-in closet. Nice."

"At this point, one thing that is definitely sticking out in my mind is the square footage."

"Make sure you stick to your list of must-haves and must-have-nots, and if you get one of your bonuses, bonus."

"They live in a three-bedroom home with their son Jack, who they call 'Jackie Boy.'"

"This is the culmination of all our dreams" [delivered with far less enthusiasm than the line about the walk-in closet].

From Chris: "Honey, International House Hunters is coming on!"

I need to go do an intervention. Or an exorcism.


  1. Note that this a blog post about my House Hunter viewing from the person who blogged about our house renovations yesterday. I am just saying.

  2. Don't forget about a HH classic: "This is nice-sized room."

    Houses rarely make the cut if they have ANY "sized" room other than "nice."