Saturday, March 21, 2009

couch with a view

I was planning today to upload before-and-after photos of our apartment, but this would require that I (a) get off the couch and take the "after" photos and (b) get off the couch, find the jump drive, and move the "before" photos from Chris's computer to my computer. And I just don't think all of this getting-off-the-couch business is going to happen. The urge to lie here is strong in me, much like the Force was strong in young Luke Skywalker. I'm not lazy, I'm a Couch Jedi, and like Luke, who used his power to fight the Dark Side, I, too, am using my innate gifts, namely to lie here with the computer on my stomach while I download an episode of Gossip Girl.

So instead of the before-and-after tour, I offer you the following, photos I was able to take without disrupting my Couch Jedi training.

Views out two of our windows (the Flynn Theater sign is one of my favorite things about this apartment...

though I also love the geometry of fire escapes and duct work and roof lines out the window next to it).

And while I know that with this photo I will have exposed myself as a Crazy Pet Lady, I am woman enough to acknowledge that I am both a Crazy Pet Lady and a Couch Jedi.

My Couch Jedi Master Gossip Girl is ready now, and I dare not keep her waiting.

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