Saturday, March 7, 2009

gruel for dinner

Awhile ago Chris and I started rating meals I had made, and I would record our ratings and comments with the recipe. Texas-born Chris is a meat-and-potatoes guy (though he does have girlie hands, so don't be too quick to stereotype him), while I very rarely partake of the beast (unless that beast is a pig) and prefer healthier food (unless the food is bacon, or cheese, or chocolate). At the time we started this post-dinner rating system, I was just learning to cook, I did most of the cooking, and I cooked strictly vegetarian food that was somewhat healthy, food that my charming husband refers to as "gruel." I now eat a little meat, though I generally don't prepare it, and I am still learning to cook.

I recently decided to start compiling my favorite recipes and our ratings/comments, and though I'm not a big fan of this horseless carriage that is the internet (unless you count the hours each day I waste surfing it), an online food diary (I will not use the word bl*g, which is as ugly as the word turd but more ridiculous) seemed like as good a place as any to create my little recipe box of gruel.

I should note that Chris has come a long way from the night I found him washing an onion (skin on) because "it's grown in the dirt." He now bakes (way better than I ever will) and cooks, but still would prefer to eat less gruel.

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