Thursday, March 12, 2009

travellin' shoes

I spent most of yesterday in Hanover, NH, with my littlest sass. The last time we were in Hanover, we had just left the emergency room, where Maddie had spent hours and hours without being allowed to eat. We stopped in Hanover so she could get a slice of pizza, but while we waited for them to warm it up she claimed she was so hungry she thought she was going to pass out, so I handed her a date-nut bar I'd gotten from my dad. This was not one of those candy bars disguised as a "nutrition bar" that I like to eat, it was the kind of hardcore health food my dad likes to eat. It didn't even look good. When Maddie took her first bite I thought she was going to cry. "It tastes like peanuts," she moaned, distraught, and spit it out in her hand. "Dog-food peanuts."

But yesterday we went to a delicious diner/restaurant called Lou's that Chris would have loved. It's been around for over 60 years, serves breakfast all day, has a huge selection of pies, and their home fries are hand cut but still super crispy (a rare combination: home fries are usually hand cut but undercooked, or those processed potato cubes that are deep fried; there's nothing wrong with the latter, by the way). Here's Maddie at Lou's, no dog-food peanuts in sight:

In other news, Chris and I are off to DC for the weekend. I'll see all four of you loyal bl*g readers when I return (well, I guess one of you loyal bl*g readers is coming with me, but who's counting?).


  1. Make that FIVE loyal readers. I saw your Mom at this comedy show in Winooski (she seemed VERY disappointed you weren't there) and she said I should read your "secert" blog, er, uh, I mean bl*g every day. And so now I do.

    Have fun in the Distrcit - safe travels. Also I would like to see you and the mister soon please.

  2. Tee hee. BJ is funny.
    I want dispatches from D.C. please!

  3. i think i'm about to become fan #6. i've needed a replacement blog to replace the blog i was obsessed about but now am not allowed to read anymore. you go above and beyond because i can't fall in love with you -- you are married and a girl! phew.