Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i'm working on a cure for cancer

I finally started writing this week, after doing some research for The Other Thing. Unlike research for The Thing (which typically involved watching Miami Vice reruns, reading recaps of 1980s Guiding Light episodes, and downloading Joan Jett songs), research for The Other Thing was actually work, nowhere near as fun as drooling over Sonny Crockett in his pastel teeshirts and blazers or dancing in my office to "I Love Rock 'n' Roll." But I persevered.

What I may not recover from is breaking one of my beautiful little cups, which I brought with me across the country only to drop on the floor of the convent. Now I'm drinking my shake weed tea from this silly teacup, probably confirming to the British residents that I am indeed a spastic Anglophile.


  1. Is that tea in the container behind the teacup, or are you growing sea-monkeys?

  2. It's all part of my research.