Monday, May 18, 2009

a few of my favorite things, dc edition

My favorite coffee (a cortado from Tryst):

My favorite gruel (salmon ochazuke soup from Teaism; the broth is tea!):

My favorite chicken part (chicken, um, fingers at Eastern Market):

And a side note: In addition to beer, wine, and peanuts, the minibar at the Westin contains a $9 "intimacy kit," which includes two "obstetrical towelettes." I assume these are for the intimate act of delivering a baby?


  1. Why? Why? Why did you have to put those chicken fingernails on here? I am haunted by visions of chicken fingernails, perhaps those chicks should have gone to Excellent Nails by Trang and then things wouldn't have been so scary!

    Also, you have been to teaism? Are there cookies in my future? Yummy, salty oat cookies?

  2. Are those fingers or feet? Rooster talons?? I am completely intrigued and wondering what on earth you do with those disgusting things....this post rivals the roach parts and rat fur.
    And I also want whatever cookies Mojie is referencing.

  3. To get those cookies you have to walk Abe 4 times per day, let him sleep in your bed and be his favorite aunt everytime the yachtsman and his lady go away! oh sorry, position filled!!!!

  4. It doesn't work just to be cute?

  5. Ummm, at a bit of a loss right now. Are those sold by the pound, by the "foot", or just pre-packaged in the typical portion that one would use for your run-of-the-mill chicken foot recipes? Does it come with one of those helpful "serving suggestion" photos or perhaps a complimentary cooking guide? They do look remarkably clean, which I suppose gives one hope for the lucky recipients as they gnaw around each delicious little talon.... My horizons have broadened.

  6. Um, EBiddie, I work hard for my cookies, so hard for my cookies. Cute is not a substitute for dog love!!!!