Wednesday, June 17, 2009

is it my karma that's stopping me from touching my toes?

I was sitting on my yoga mat yesterday waiting for class to start when a woman who appeared to be older than time walked into the studio. Using a cane.

My first thought? Finally, someone who'll be worse at yoga than I am. Because, as you know, yoga is a competitive sport. That I am very, very bad at. But that I really, really love.

I should have known I was in trouble when she left the cane in the dressing room and came out dressed in a matching pajama top and bottom that appeared to have been purchased at JC Penney's in 1964. I should have rolled up my mat and gone home when I saw her GOLD TOENAIL POLISH. But she was coughing like she had the swine flu, so I thought I had a chance. To, you know, beat her at yoga.

Let's just say that I thought wrong. It turns out that the woman is NINETY YEARS OLD (she told us all after class), and much better at yoga than I am. Not that it's a competition.


  1. i bet you that is carol winfield. she wrote a book and everything: "yoga in the morning, martini at night" --

  2. Wow! That IS her! I'm even more impressed than I was yesterday: Not only can she touch her toes, she's finished writing a book, my two big goals in life. Maybe by the time I'm 90...