Thursday, June 4, 2009

this post brought to you by GFD readers 2 & 7, Mojie & StephFace

Mojie's eggrolls: tofu, ginger, carrots, cabbage and water chestnuts

The reports & photos are in.

Mojie on fry fest:

"We all ate a shit ton of food. MeatMan said his only fry fest regret was that we didn't fry a Tums.

I somehow didn't get a picture of the mozzarella sticks that MeatMan's sister made and I think it was maybe because I was so busy pushing people out of the way so I could get to them. They were homemade cheesely pillows of delight. She not only homemade mozz sticks but also home made the sauce. They were SO fucking delicious.

Joe H. said after fry fest he realizes that there is no food that doesn't taste better fried. Then he said: 'Really, just try to think of one. Come on.'"

StephFace on fry fest:

"My favorites included: dough, Snickers, zucchini, egg rolls and mozz sticks. Not that everything else wasn't fabulous, but those seem to stand out for me. (Ironically none of us COULD stand after all that...we must have looked like a snapshot of American gluttony in our vegetative state after. Except Mojie's husband...that man is a gem. Did all the dishes and still managed to look adorable in a visor and crack jokes from the kitchen!)"

Mojie's camera (and additional comments) on fry fest:

"So it turns out MeatMan and his sister's parents used to own a fish fry and enslaved their children, which really benefited us because the Meat siblings really know how to fry shit. I thought it was just throw it in and it would do its thing. It turns out you have to shake the basket and not let things stick to the bottom and make sure enough oil remains in the basket and know how much to put in it, etc. etc. etc."

freedom fries (made by Mojie's husband)

Sarah H's fried zucchini sticks, breaded with panko and parm

Caramel Delight Girl Scout Cookie before

Caramel Delight Girl Scout Cookies after (the hands-down favorite)

nuff said

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  1. I'd also like to add that this night also included: wind, sun, clouds, rain, tornado skies and HAIL. I would argue that the hail was the Lord's way of telling us to put down the fried food, turn off the oil, go inside and stop indulging... for our own good.

    Needlesstosay, we did not take heed.