Sunday, July 19, 2009


The yachtsman and I had the following conversation last week, as he watched TV and I looked at recipes online.

The yachtsman: What are you reading?
Me: A recipe for pea soup.
The yachtsman: [PAUSES TV] Why?
ME: Why not?
The yachtsman: Let me be clear about one thing: We do not enjoy pea soup in this family. [RESTARTS TV]
The yachtsman: [RE-PAUSES TV] It's not funny. We do not eat pea soup in this family. [RE-STARTS AND RE-PAUSES TV] Put that on your bl*g and post it.

I did not do anything this weekend except proofread, go to the farmers market, go out for a creemee, and disobey my husband, which in some countries would get me stoned (not high, killed -- biblical-style).

At the farmers market I bought 2.5 pounds of shelling peas, thinking that would yield the 1 pound of shelled peas I needed for the recipe. I thought wrong. I ended up with 12 ounces of peas, which meant I had to 3/4 the recipe, which meant I had to deal with fractions, which did not turn out well. (When I dropped out of high school after my sophomore year, I was fairly certain I was not missing anything, and I was mostly right, with one little exception: math.)

I did not make pea soup, I made pea dip. Delicious pea dip, but dip, nonetheless.

(The yachtsman: [LOOKING DOUBTFULLY INTO MY POT OF GRUEL] That looks awfully thick.)

I'll take photos when I thin it out and eat it at work tomorrow. In the meantime, a stay-in-school public service announcement brought to you by all of us high-school dropouts here at GFD:

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