Thursday, July 2, 2009

spam for dinner

I really may be serving Spam for dinner tonight. In my mad rush to get out of town yesterday I forgot (1) the FOUR QUARTS of strawberries I'd bought to make shortcake, (2) the shallot and balsamic vinegar to make dressing for the roasted beet salad, and (3) the special Italian tuna for the pasta. (My frantic day yesterday included non-food-related catastrophes, as well, such as nearly overdosing the dog on morphine -- let's just say he had a really, really, really mellow afternoon.)

Now I'm hiding in the little internet hut, searching for recipes I can make with the limited ingredients I have on hand, namely penne, beets, capers, and canine morphine.


  1. so what I hear you saying is that you would like me to go over and get those strawberries and eat them and use the dressing for the salad I am making to bring to chrysannes house on Saturday.

  2. Sadly, for you, Mojie, and happily for me, the yachtsman had to make a trip to the airport in Burlington today, so he retrieved our berries. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival as I type. I've made a "Welcome Home, Strawberries" banner to hang on the front porch, and made a little bed for them in the fridge, where they will spend the night before I begin dispatching them to my stomach tomorrow morning.

  3. Poop right on that Yachtsman. Poop on him!

    I made your roasted beet salad tonight to bring to the greek stepmother's. It was delicious!!!

  4. I can vouch for how delicious it was! Nice work, Mojie.