Monday, July 6, 2009

sunburn. without a view. unless you count the tv.

I would like to regale you with stories of my 4th of July weekend -- the hours spent reading a trashy murder mystery; the capsized sailboat (the yachtsman blames me, but he was the captain, and I was just following orders); the post-capsize swim in my underwear; the easy, delicious pasta we made for dinner; my wonderful, funny, generous family of in-laws.

But instead I sit here with a freezer pack on top of each thigh, so sunburned I cannot think straight. Or walk straight. Or take these freaking ice packs from my legs. Literally, I remove the ice packs and my thighs are on FIRE. Have I mentioned that I cannot walk? I predict there will be blisters. I am considering stealing some of my dog's pain medication.

So instead of stories, a few photos:

Roasted beet salad with a view

The yachtsman with a view

Tea with a view

BLT with a view (thanks, Sue!)

Couch jedi with a view


  1. Aloe Vera is used as a common treatment for sunburns. Not only it soothes the skin, it may also assist in the healing process. Apply to the affected areas as needed. Although the gel extracted directly from an aloe Vera plant works best,


  2. Growing up a native Cape Codder i have dealt with a lot of nasty "lobster" sunburns in the past. My course of treatment is to soak a towel with white vinegar and place on the burn. yes you may be smelly for a bit, but trust me it will help. Then rinse off and put aloe on! Bye-bye sunburn!

  3. Banana, you need to start an advice column, or right a book of handy tips, because you are a veritable font of knowledge. Want help operating your fry daddy? Ask Banana. Have questions about canning? Ask Banana. Need a cure for your sunburn? Ask Banana.

    And I hear you might need a cure for whiplash...I hope you're doing OK!

  4. Banana is definitely the go-to gal for anything advice related... ask her for tips on baking, picking up cats and not crashing cars (she's much better at the latter than I). Fire away, she's loaded with tidbits!

    And P.S. GFD, while you were "righting" this bl*g, guess what MeatMan and I have been doing? One hint? I'll never tell....

  5. ha! Matt LaBee and I did the same thing yesterday!
    xoxo gossip girl

  6. Oh, I got it. What a patriotic way to spend your weekends. I'm jealous! If I'd stayed inside with my boyfriend Chuck Bass, I would not be disabled right now. I mean, differently abled. StephFace, are you a fan? Is the MeatMan?

  7. MeatMan has been a fan for a while now, while I am merely a Jenny in the world of you seasoned S's & B's. I would like to report that between yesterday & today, I have spent approximately 7 hours watching GG and approximately 6 hours playing darts on our electronic dartboard. My ass and arms are tired... but I shall perservere. So many episodes left, so little time.

  8. It's kind of a travesty that no one has yet called attention to that sexy pedicure. You must be driving the food/book-blog-reading foot fetishists out there wild.

  9. That pedi is all anyone is going to see from now on, as I plan to wear pants for the rest of the summer.

  10. I spent most of yesterday doing my first batch of canning of the summer! Salsa for everyone!!! Next up is dilly beans and pickled okra, I will give you a call when the date is set so we can hang out and stuff food in jars!

  11. Banana, you are a veritable Martha Stewart, without the jail time for insider trading. DEFINITELY call me for canning. What are dilly beans? They sound hilarious.