Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hello, bl*g readers, I'm writing to ask a big favor of all of you. My friend Laura got married last weekend in Colorado and decided to take a road-trip honeymoon with her new husband so they could bring along her fifteen-year-old dog, Jackie.

While they were passing through Phoenix, Arizona, this past Thursday, Jackie, along with her leash and water bowl, was stolen from outside a bookstore (they tied her up outside while they went in to buy a map). They are, obviously, completely devastated and panicked, and are staying in Phoenix to find her. I met Jackie when Laura visited me at the convent -- she's a very, very sweet old girl, and it's heartbreaking to think of her being separated from Laura, who noted in her e-mail to me that "Jackie has been the love of [her] life for the past fifteen years."

If any of you know anyone in Phoenix, or if you know anyone who knows anyone, please send them a flyer and ask them to print and post a few. My theory is that the more flyers are posted, not only the more people who might see Jackie, but also the more likely that whoever took her will feel guilty and return her so Laura and her new husband and Jackie can go home.

I couldn't figure out how to post a downloadable PDF, so please e-mail me directly if you'd like a high-res copy of the flyer to print out. My address is k8oneill [at] yahoo [dot] com.


  1. GFD readers please, please, please take a minute to pray, send good vibes, ask the universe, visualize or whatever it is you personally do for Laura and Jackie! I tear up every time I think about this, if there is any chance our own personal cosmic comittees can help Laura and Jackie we should try! Maybe it doesn't work but it certainmy can't hurt!!!!

  2. Also, I just posted all this information on my facebook page. Does Laura have facebook? Does Holly? (I ask of course because she lives in Phoenix so she probably would have a bunch of Phoenix contacts) Also, do either Holly or Laura have Twitter? They can also tweet this information with a picture of Jackie.

  3. I also sent this out to just about everyone in my gmail address book. The more exposure the better. Can you forward me the PDF though because now I've offered to forward it to other people.

  4. Mojie - I am on Facebook. You can find me on Chris' friend group and connect with me. I would like to forward what you have on your page if possible.

  5. Those are good ideas, Mojie. The yachtsman is going to post it on Twitter; could anyone else who is on Twitter do the same? Ah, Twitter...perhaps you *do* have a purpose.