Thursday, August 6, 2009

ladies who lunch & the gentlemen who iron maiden them

To make up for missing the Neko Case concert last night because I had so much g.d. freelance, I am now sitting on the couch watching a documentary about Iron Maiden's reunion tour and wondering whether I can talk the yachtsman into writing another bl*g post. Things are not looking promising: He is captivated by the washed-up, balding-yet-long-haired metal heads on the TV screen.

So it's just you and me again. You and me and lunch. We'll always have lunch. Well, I'll always eat lunch, anyway.

Slightly congealed balsamic dressing warming up in the windowsill: 3 tablespoons evoo, 1 tablespoon of your nicest balsamic, 1 small shallot (minced), some chopped herb, s&p.

The sweetest, prettiest little cherry tomatoes in the world. If I were a vegetable, I would take them a'courtin'. But I'm not, so I ate them.

Baby romaine from Half Pint (who also grew the tomatoes), goat's-milk feta from Doe's Leap, walnuts from who-know's-where.

I cannot in good conscience tell you to watch Iron Maiden: Flight 666, but I unequivocally recommend this salad. It's crunchy and salty and tangy and sweet and savory. The yachtsman is playing air guitar. Life is gooooooooooood.


  1. The yachtsman's comments while & after reading this post:

    "Washed UP?"

    "I don't know why you cannot recommend that. You don't make a very good Yachtsman Recommends person."

    "They said it was their biggest tour ever, by the way. That's hardly washed up."

    "What's so funny? You think that's funny? I don't see your album in the 'What's Hot' section of iTunes."

  2. If you like Flight 666, you should come out to Higher Ground sometime when none other than City Market's very own Meat & Seafood manager, Jamie Lewis, demonstrates his very best Bruce Dickinson impression in Burlington's tribute band, Made in Iron. Fabulously entertaining.

    Oh and if your salad every gets lonely, please invite me over & I'll keep it company in my belly.

  3. I second that StephFace! There's nothing like a good tribute band who even wears spandex! I love Made in Iron!!

    Oh by the way Kate, I ate a wonderful meal cooked up by my very own Yachtsman the other night and it was the first time i wanted to take a picture and send it to you. He made a chicken stir-fry with chow mien noodles, and i ate it all (or i wanted to except i had to share with him)! Sadly there was no camera handy... next time i will be ready!

  4. I think you should go into food photography GFD. Your pictures are so stunningly beautiful.

    Also, I think you should have some sort of special thing where people send in pictures of their favorite meals and you post them with the recipes.

  5. Also, I'm thinking of having a day after my birthday fry fest/movie watch at my house on Sunday the 16th of August. The movie portion of the event would be projected on the back of my garage if it's nice out. Shangri la here we come!

  6. I would love to participate in this fry fest/movie watch, but only if it is precipitated by abundant drinking the night before therefore REQUIRING the fried food to soak up the booze. We all need our rationalizations... however irrational they may be.

  7. Movie recoomendation, along these lines -- Metallica: Some Kind of Monster. Seriously. If I watched it, then anyone can/would/might. It's an oddly compelling documentary...