Monday, August 31, 2009

my little cupcake & lucky lady design

Lemon raspberry & malted milk ball cupcakes

Although I cannot claim to have made these cuties, not eating them for long enough to take a few photographs was a pretty major accomplishment. But within seconds of snapping the last picture, they'd been devoured. Please note the use of the passive voice. Who devoured them? Who knows? Who's counting? Have we met? Excuse me.

Please note the use of the active voice: Michelle made these cupcakes. Michelle is My Little Cupcake, and she is at the Williston Farmers Market every Saturday (except this coming one). She posts the flavors she's going to sell that week on her bl*g ahead of time. Get there early: She usually sells out by one o'clock.

And though not edible, Mojie's jewelry is another good reason to visit the Williston Farmers Market on Saturdays.

The littlest sass modeling a pendant

Her pendants and rings and earrings and magnets are so pretty you might want to eat them, but they'll look better around your neck or in your ears than in your mouth. And the jewelery might distract from the cupcakes you're wearing on your thighs.

In addition to cupcake thighs, I apparently have old lady hands


  1. aaaaaaaaaah! thanks! maybe you and our littlest sass can tAke the rest of the pics for my website!

  2. heck...i'm blushin', what a nice write-up about me and my little cupcake, and what an a- to the-mazing photo of the cupcakes! when i make it big time, you and me will have to do some photo for cupcake tradin'.

  3. thanks kate! i found my little cupcake through your website. now if only we could both follow our dreams of owning bakeries and not compete!

    it's suz of let them eat cake/Q Monroe