Sunday, November 29, 2009

how i spent my thanksgiving weekend: moto photos & pie

On Thanksgiving the whole family went for a motorcycle ride:

But on Friday and Saturday I had to stay home and do freelance work. In addition to Instead of sulking, I rewarded my hard work and discipline with leftover pie. (When I said last week that I don't like pie, I had no idea my sister was going to make a chocolate version of the usually fruit-filled dessert.) For every page I proofread, I ate a piece a bite of pie.

We're still in Florida, and I'm still not cooking (except for a pot of rice I scorched while my family went out to dinner tonight and I stayed home to work), so there won't be any recipes this week. But I'll try to post something other than vacation home videos and photos of Thanksgiving leftovers. Not that that pie is anything to sneeze at. Especially if you have swine flu. If you have swine flu, please don't even read this bl*g, let alone sneeze on my pie.

Who am I kidding? That pie has been devoured, which is making it nearly impossible to get any work done.


  1. Please don't delay in describing this above-mentioned pie. It looks miraculous!

  2. Hey! I made that pie. I'm famous!!!!

  3. No, but you best believe I am Kanye famous!