Tuesday, November 17, 2009

to answer your question, j quizzle

We have too many books.

I just said that out loud to the yachtsman.

Me: We have too many books.

The yachtsman: Who has too many books?

Me: Uh, me.

The yachtsman: You we? You we have too many books?

I we have too many books. My our books are crammed into the numerous bookcases that crowd our small apartment, they are piled on top of those bookcases, they are stacked on the floor, there's a teetering pile on my nightstand. I have considered packing them up and putting them in storage, as I long ago did with my CDs. The improvement to my feng shui would surely benefit all aspects of my life, and also I'd have room for a sideboard.

Picture a sideboard here. Nice, right?

But if my books were in boxes somewhere, then when J Quizzle called and told me to reread The Beggar Maid by Alice Munro, I wouldn't be able to pull it from the shelf and dig in. And as a general rule, I do whatever J Quizzle tells me to (unless it's dirty), so I would have had to go through boxes looking for the book or drive out to the suburbs to buy a second copy from one of the few remaining local bookstores in the area. So it's probably best that my feng shui is a mess and my books are at hand, because this was one of J Quizzle's best ideas yet.

So good, I'm going to pass it along to you: Read (or reread) The Beggar Maid by Alice Munro. I'd offer to lend you my copy, but I think I'm going to start re-rereading it tomorrow. Seriously. It's that good.


  1. if you do decide to store them, please make sure you put them someplace safe...i stored a bunch of my books over the summer and they got totally ruined from flooding :(

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  3. Um, Taylor Swift, this is Kanye speaking. You better put that comment back up. It was hilarious, not as hilarious as Beyonce's comment of course. Her comment was the best of all time.

  4. I got self-conscious, and then paranoid, thought that perhaps it was just plain out of line to compare myself to country royalty. Plus, I was afraid that our blog mistress would never blog about me again if she believed I've gotten too big for my britches.

  5. Wrong you are Ms. Swift! Up here in the liberal, christian hating, northeast it's just fine to compare yourself to a country singer. Our royalty looks a little more like Jay Z then Taylor.

    PLUS, our blog mistress loved your comment. I happen to know since I was sitting on the couch next to her when she read it!!

    Replace, replace, replace!!