Sunday, January 17, 2010

i don't live in a cabin or have a fever, & yet...

It's been warm this weekend here in Burlington, in the mid-30s every day. And that's just wrong. It's just wrong that 35 degrees feels positively balmy. Other things that may be wrong but feel so right, perhaps due to mid-January delirium:

1. Friday Night Lights (A network drama about Texas high school football. Love. Ing. It.)
2. Six-word memoirs (My favorite is "Class clown. Class president. Town Drunk," probably because it reminds me of Chester Arthur Miller.)
3. When Will There Be Good News? (I can't tell if I reach for European crime fiction when I can feel a cold coming on, or if crime fiction makes me sick, but either way, I spent hours on the couch at the end of last week with this book, blowing my nose and reading.)
4. Pimm's Cups (It's Pimm's o'clock somewhere; I prefer mine with ginger ale.)
5. The Cars (The yachtsman has been on a campaign to convince me they're a great band, and maybe I have Stockholm Syndrome, but I'm starting to think he might be right.)
6. Avocado toast (See below.)

Avocado Toast
adapted from Nigella Lawson (I'm not even kidding; I heard her describe this on NPR a couple of years ago while promoting a new cookbook)

sliced bread
salt and pepper

1. Place a slice of bread in toaster and toast for two minutes or until brown.

2. While toast is toasting, mash some avocado in a bowl with the following: lime, salt, pepper.

3. Spread avocado mixture on toasted bread.

4. Eat toast, then lick fork used to mash, knife used to spread, and bowl used to hold avocado mixture.


  1. You have made one MeatMan VERY happy with this "recipe" - a new use of an avocado was good enough, but to combine it with his new favorite food, toast, was divine.

    Thanks, GFD!

  2. Lime. Lime juice? Ground limes? Cholorinated lime?

  3. Good catch, MADeWH. It's cholorinated lime.

  4. Avocado mashed on toast is one of my all-time favorite snacks--try adding a few dashes of chipotle tabasco sauce and some kosher salt. Divine.

    And read Kate Atkinson's Case Histories as well, if you have not.

    See you soon!

  5. I mean chlorinated liem.

    Dang keyboard.

  6. Chipotle Tabasco sauce is a brilliant idea -- I love that stuff. And Case Histories is what got me hooked on Kate Atkinson/Jackson Brodie. I think these last few months of winter will be the perfect time to crack that list of mystery writers you shared with me...