Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've been a real workaholic lately. (If saying that implies I have some kind of work ethic, let me rephrase: I've been an indentured servant lately.) No time to watch the Olympics for hours with the yachtsman each evening, no time for my usual 9.5 hours of sleep at night, and no time, obviously, for cooking. So it's good that a couple months ago I rediscovered the freezer.

For my entire adult life I've used the freezer to store ice cream, ice cubes, vodka, and frozen burritos. It never occurred to me to freeze gruel. But when I recently complained to my stepmom that I'd made a huge batch of soup and was sick of eating it, she suggested I portion and freeze it. The woman is a genius! And I am now a modern Laura Ingalls Wilder!

Instead of canning vegetables and salting pork or whatevs, I've been pouring gruel into Ziploc bags and saving it for...well, I'm not sure what I was saving it for, but it's going to come in handy this week as I continue my indentured servitude. On the menu for tomorrow: bread-less ribollita (the recipe for which I plan to share with you soon) and my brother-in-law's delicious chili. For Tuesday, vegetable soup and vodka.

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