Tuesday, May 18, 2010

apropos of nothing

I want to move to nearly every city I visit, but if picking just one meant I could actually live there, I'd choose Amsterdam, hands down. Here's one of the reasons why:

This video is actually from Utrecht, which is smaller than Amsterdam, but you get the idea. Bicycle rush hour. Pretty great, right?



  1. At first I thought they were all really fast bike riders. Then I realized it was in fast motion. Duh. I want a bike rush hour. That is awesome.

  2. But it seems to me that Amsterdam is really super far away. Definitely farther than the few blocks between us now!! If you want to race around Burlington on bikes - or just watch someone do it - I have a pair of shortshorts with knee socks to match any any time!

  3. No offense to anyone, but, I HATE BIKES IN VERMONT (unless they are in designated bike lanes, which is fine). Bikes on roads/sidewalks make me want to kill.
    If I had a nickle for every time I've been forced off of a sidewalk, almost run over, or have almost hit a deranged cyclist with my car...well, you get the point. I wouldn't have a problem if people on bikes actually followed traffic laws.
    Also, bikes with attachments (the little pods on wheels, I'm sure there's a name, but I have no interest in learning it) are WAY worse. Do you know what's in the pods on wheels? Children.
    I would, however, support a bike gang organized by Mr. Labee. Specifically with shortshorts and haggling of people with said pods on wheels.

    p.s. That video is awesome! I suppose I would appreciate bikes more if I lived in Utrecht.

  4. LMC - It is illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk in Burlington and for good reason, it' bullshizz!

    I LOVE bikes though. And these bikes own the road! Love it.

  5. I'm all for joining Matt LaBee's biker gang. When we lived in DC the yachtsman and I were members of a gang that specialized in an activity called Drinkin' and Ridin', which is exactly as fun as it sounds. But could we make a rule that our gang doesn't go up steep hills? My bike is a c. 1963 3-speed, usually attached to a pod with Chester Arthur inside.

  6. Oh, I know it's illegal!
    Apparently, mothers with pods or joggers ALWAYS get the right of way because of the "precious cargo" inside. Please note my giant air quotes. I've almost lost toes over that shizz. pssht.

    However, dogs in pods, or baby joggers = MY DREAM. Dogs with anything that would normally belong to/be used by a child is my fave! For example, Nesta has not one, but two child sized toy bins overflowing with plush toys...
    That's probably not something that I should broadcast to the general public.

  7. Oh no lmc, that is something you should absolutely broadcast! Things you shouldn't broadcast about your dogs are things like: we warm their wet food in the microwave for them because it seems like it would be more flavorful that way, we rub lubriderm into our dogs ears every night so they don't get dry, we keep treats next to the bed so the girls can have a treat last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

    Not that I would ever do any of those things. That is just ridiculous. Oh wait...

  8. Seriously, though? I would never put my dog in one of those bike trailer things, as it seems dangerous. But I would like a basket with a top (or something) to strap to the handlebars so I can tote him down the bike path. Mojie has already made it clear she will laugh at me.