Thursday, July 15, 2010

beautiful, edible blossoms

I don't know what you're doing this Saturday, but if I didn't have to work all weekend I would sign up for crankycheryl's Beautiful, Edible Blossoms workshop at Red Wagon. I'll be jealous if you go, but you could mitigate any hard feelings by inviting me over and serving these,

Photo by crankycheryl, stolen by me from her bl*g

which you'll learn to make at the workshop. Beautiful, edible blossoms, indeed! You can sign up by calling Red Wagon at 802-482-4060.


  1. well shoot. i feel like we weren't really done with bacon fried things, and you go dropping this edible flower business. we all know that once you add another post the old post is stale. one of the few times i'm wishing you'd hold off. i am still hoping that his momma posts some butchering responses, and also a list of do and don't fry in bacon grease. can you reverse time, please? not to say edible flowers aren't edible, or floral, but ... can you fry them in bacon?

  2. My pleasure, CC; I'm quite sorry I'll be missing it but hope to read a full report on CrankyCakes.

    You're quite hard to please, jshu, even with three posts in one week, two of which had hardly any words. In my opinion, edible flowers would be the perfect complement to a meal centered on bacon grease. But please note that the comments continue on His Momma's post, with the talk now turning to cardiology.

  3. These look so beautiful. Are those spring rolls with edible flowers? That pesky Williston Farmer's Market is going to get in the way of my being able to go to this. It sounds so cool.