Thursday, September 2, 2010

there is no gruel here

There are, however, pork boners. You heard me: pork boners.

Among other delicacies of the fair.

Including "the big pig"—an obscenely massive corn dog.

After all that food I had to force my delicate bitches on a ride, but ride we did.

Never winter.


  1. Our little country fair (which happens to be the very one used by EB White in 'Charlotte's Web'), opened yesterday. Some friends and I intend to eat our way down the midway this very evening, with maybe two stops---one each way--- at Paul & Thelma, 'The King and Queen of French Fries' I can't wait.

    The less said about that corn dog, the better.

    Great pictures

  2. Never winter!
    Maybe if we keep wishing, it will come true...maybe? No? hmph.

    Alison & I went to the fair last night. The older I get, the less I like crowds and fair rides. However, the bonsais (I'm a dork) and candy apples (having teeth is overrated) keep me coming back for more.

    Never winter!

  3. THank you for taking my mister to the fair so I didn't have to. I owe you!

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  5. Being a French fry connoisseur, DED, the next time I'm in Maine I'm going to have to track down some of Paul and Thelma's fries and see how they compare to Al's. And I'm not trying to one up you or anything, but it was from our county fair that Deliverance was cast.

    LMC, I think that as we age our ability to tolerate being spun in circles at high speeds deteriorates, making fair rides far more nauseating than they once were. But you're not that old yet, so I'm nervous that maybe you're just wimpy. Can you handle the Tilt-a-Whirl at least? (And in the bonsai dept., someone this weekend referred to Chester as a bonsai dog: "Just like a regular dog, but so tiny.")

    Any time, LL, though next year you're coming with, NO EXCUSES.

    What the H, J Quizzle? I was planning to tell you that our phallic fair was reason #1765 you need to move to Vermont and not to be scared of the massive corn dog, but your self-censorship is getting in the way of my free speech.

  6. Commenter's remorse. I'm afraid the other readers of GFD are starting to think I'm pervy (to me, though, that slushie sign STILL looks like it's jizzing).

  7. Oh gfd, I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a total wimp when it comes to fair rides. My problem isn't the rides, it's the crackymccrackcrack carnie people that set them up/tear them down every couple of weeks.
    If I die at the fair, it's going to be from choking on my candied apple, not getting my leg ripped off by a faulty ferris wheel.

    Never winter.

    p.s. I'll go on any ride at a theme park any time. Roller coasters are my fave. Logic? What's that?

  8. DED and I did make it to the fair a little late, Earl having cast a rainy pall over our usual Friday evening stroll through the midway. No pork boners, sad to say, but lots of greasy gorgeous fair food -- and we sampled a lot of it. DED will certainly provide photos and more -- french fries, corn dogs, rides, giant vegetables and a crowd running the gamut from ultra WASP to the Beans of Egypt, Maine. What more could a country fair goer want?