Tuesday, March 8, 2011

to every thing there is a season

It snowed five gazillion more inches yesterday. Welcome to spring in Vermont.

How my dog spent the winter; I think he's tanorexic.


  1. To cure your winter blues, I think you might follow Mr. President's lead and start sprawling out in random pools of sunlight. Even at work. ESPECIALLY at work. That might also cure your work blues by getting you fired.

  2. Is this the right forum for posting a bunch of pix of your dog and snow? I come here for recipes so I can cook good food. Please.

  3. here's a cure for your winter blues: I've got a whoopee pie with your name on it 4 doors down. It's my first attempt at homemade whoopees and you are the person I think of whenever I think of them. Will you be my taste tester? Email me if you want one!

    PS: Peanut is adorable!

  4. Sadly, Q, I don't think they'd fire me if I started sunbathing on the floor at work. They'd just bring me my red pen and demand that I carry on.

    Anonymous, a recipe for you: Pick up phone, dial number, and say the following, "I'd like a large pepperoni with extra cheese. And do you deliver beer?"

    Oh my god, Suzanne, I would KILL for a homemade whoopie pie...but apparently I don't have to, because you're offering me one! I'm not sure I have your email address, but you can contact me at gruelfordinner@gmail.com and I will *run* next door to taste test for you.

  5. I did my f-ing 'done with winter' post a couple of days ago. I may follow it up with a 'still done with winter' post. I got out today for the first time since November---all the way to Portsmouth---and I'm sorely tempted to just keep going, and not stop until I see a Palm Tree. I ran an errand in Macy's on the way down, and I felt like such a hick in from the farm, so stunned was I by all the bright lights...Hard to believe I once knew Paris, Palm Beach and the made-to-measure at Barney's. Now I'm awed by Macy's...sigh. Otherwise, I spent a lot of my winter just as Chester did. Except for the sun. There wasn't any.

  6. I LIKE the dog and snow pics. ("Anonymous" is a little brown cloud.) Where are you? hope all is well, looking forward to more posts. Sending Spring your way from down south.

  7. DED, if only winter read our bl*gs and knew it had overstayed its welcome. Glad you got to spend some time off the farm and see the bright lights of Macy's. Ah, New England...

    Hum, ho. Or whistle. Or write that guest post if you're bored.

    Thanks for the spring, Sarah; I hope it arrives soon!