Monday, April 11, 2011

extra! extra!

Thanks to the lovely Cheryl Herrick of Cranky Cakes fame for including me in her Burlington Free Press article about making fabulous food on a budget.

If you're interested, you can read the article here, but I must warn you, she spells the word bl*g with an o instead of an asterisk. The recipe I contributed (soup, naturally) is here.


  1. I feel like she would have done well to point out that you often go several days between posts. More of a bloggette in that sense. Further, I come here for proper recipes, and sometimes I sift through pictures from Wine Lake or of your dog meditating before I get to the meat. And your commentators have good meat sometimes, like His Mommas exquisite bacon post, and less savory meat references from that guy in Tennessee or south Dakota or wherever.

  2. Wow. His Momma appreciates the comment, but I have to say that almost every food blog I read is irregular in posting. One recipe I used recently had three posts for March, so maybe it is a symptom of those who cook. Who wants to type with sticky fingers!

    I actually came on to say that I love the composition of your coffee and the paper, but I wish you had moved the cup a bit so that all the others could see your lovely countenance. I assume that was the plan.

  3. Anonyshu, Tennessee's got a meat reference for you.

  4. Lovely write-up, GFD! Even if the author uses the British spelling of bl*g. =)

  5. Here I am late to the party but love that food is part of your life but only part. Life informs our tastes in many things, including what we eat. I love the diversity of your posts and don't expect you to produce bl*g posts on a schedule. Enjoy yourself and we'll enjoy you!

  6. Thanks, Face! I'm looking forward to seeing you at FryFest soon...

    Thanks to you, too, Si (siDEKICK?). I certainly enjoy and appreciate everyone who reads!