Saturday, July 16, 2011

do you remember when this was a food bl*g?

The best day of summer so far:

That brown dot along the tree line is a bear!

It ain't over 'til it's over. Summer, that is.

As the kids these days say, I B MISSING U. That would B U, bitches.


  1. I petted that bear. (And I am not anonymous but neither am I a WordPress or a TypePad or a LiveJournal. My name is Talia Silvino and I do not like the internet.)

  2. Maybe I just pet that bear. But I think I petted it.
    -Talia, keeping it real

  3. I remember the food blog but it's summer so a photo blog will do while we enjoy the five minutes o nice weather we get in VT every year.

  4. Did the bear eat the bread....or the puppets?

  5. Everything is confusing.

  6. Gruel, you'll come back to yer roots (food roots, that is) eventually. 'Til then, I'll just enjoy the occasional photos and sparse commentary. Our garden looks like sh*t, so I can't even volunteer to do a guest post...

    Talia, try being "openID" and maybe you won't have to be anon. anymore.

    Never mind - my "Open ID credentials could not be verified" either. So I'll be SueShu, aka "Anonymous."

  7. Don't worry about food -- I seem to be limited to cold vegetable purees (some call them soups), cheese, melon and prosciutto, and the simplest possible things on the grill. I am not a big believer in 3 course meals all cooked on the grill. Let's just simplify for this real summer weather.
    I'll ask the Dilettante to show me how to send you photos in the comments -- the shrub garden is pretty great this year but then we are a few hundred feet from the bay so we get some moisture!

  8. You may not like the internet, Talia, but it sure does like you.

    Thanks, Mojie; on the occasions that I actually leave my house to enjoy the nice weather, I will definitely take a couple of photos.

    Anonymous, the bear ate Talia after she petted it.

    Ditto, jshu.

    SueShu, I have a hard time believing your garden looks like sh*t, but if it does I don't blame you. What with that river out your back door and those cute ducks, there are better things to do than weeding.

    That all sounds dreamy, Sidekick -- the food, the shrub garden, proximity to the bay. And I'm loving this real summer weather, too.