Thursday, February 23, 2012

postcard from oaxaca

Wish you were here.

It's lime, bitches. For making tortillas.
She's making ice cream!
They're herding goats!

This video goes out to Face: Ask and ye shall receive, girl.

One day soon I'll write a long letter instead of a postcard. But for now, your bl*g mistress went to Mexico and all you got were these photos and AWESOME VIDEO (the '80s are back; if hipsters can wear shoulder pads, I can use the word awesome like it's going out of style, which it did a long time ago).

P.S. I miss you. Lots and lots and lots.


  1. What a treat - and miss you more!

  2. YES! Thanks, Bl*gMistress. I missed you dearly and love the '80s-riffic Mexican flashmobbing.

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  4. trying here...not seeing any trust.

  5. I'm still a loyal GFD fan. I check every week just in case a rogue post will appear. Missing you, dear bl*g mistress.