Friday, March 27, 2009

drinking your vegetables

One day awhile back, Chris brought home a can of V8 juice, poured himself a glass with dinner, and said he was drinking his vegetables. He's continued to drink his vegetables since that inspired evening, usually in the form of V8 or expensive carrot juice. But he's recently taken it up (or possibly down) a level.

He returned from a green trade show a couple weeks ago bearing a bottle of something called "Mighty Greens: Superfood Blend." It's a disgusting-smelling and -looking powder that he mixes with water to make an absolutely wretched drink, which he downs very, very quickly.

I tried to take pictures while he prepared and drank his vegetables, but there is no time for posing when you're drinking your greens, because the powder doesn't actually dissolve in the water, it just disperses, and as soon as you stop stirring it begins to sink to the bottom of the glass. If it were me I'd just snort the stuff (actually, if it were me, I'd just eat some broccoli), but Chris scooped the disgusting green powder into the water, stirred crazily for a minute, and then started chugging a pint glass full of army-green bile.

Halfway through the drink he paused, looked in the glass, and noted that there was a lot more powder at the bottom than the top. "This," he said, "is where it gets gross," and went back to chugging.

Uh, I think he shoulda had a V8.


  1. Ugh. This stuff can't be good for you. Chris, you are taking Green to the wrong level.

  2. I am deeply disturbed by this.

  3. Also, are we allowed to start telling other people about your blog now? It seems the more readers you have the more advertising I'll be able to sell on your blog.

  4. advertising? i'm hooked on kate's bl*g already.