Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the student becomes the master

For once in our lives, Chris actually had to come to me for tech support yesterday. I may not be able to synch my iPod or change channels on our TV, and sometimes my e-mail just "disappears" and I need Chris to find it, but in some areas my technological expertise exceeds his. For example, I know exactly where to place a stamp on a envelope. iPhone Boy, not so much.

Chris had to pay a bill using an actual check and the Pony Express, which required lots of pieces of paper that he didn't have. Lucky for him, I could provide the piece of paper that is a check, the specially folded piece of paper that is an envelope, and the little tiny piece of paper with glue on the back that is a stamp. He does appear to know how to use a pen, but when it came to placing the stamp, he got confused.

Chris [holding the stamp uncertainly above the envelope]: "Where do I put this thing?"

Me: "You're kidding me."

Chris: "Here?" [Holds stamp in the air above the upper-left-hand corner.]

Me: "Wait, are you serious?"

Chris: "It's here, right?" [About to put the stamp where the return address does.]

Me: "Oh my god, really?"

Chris: [Moves the stamp to the spot where people have been pasting stamps since 1840] "Here?"

Me: [Mouth ajar, speechless.]

Chris: "Never mind. I'll google it."


  1. Did you know that you can actually place the stamp anywhere you want to? And the envelope will still mail? I used to be a lower-right-corner kind of stamper. Then I realized what a douche I was, and went back to home base.

  2. EBiddie, who are you? I yearn to know!

  3. By the way, BEST EVER!!! This is second only to the onion washing.