Wednesday, April 1, 2009

don't read this if you're sick of hearing about gossip girl

[I meant that headline to apply just to this post, but I fear it's relevant to the whole bl*g; I swear this will be the last mention of it for at least, um, 12 hours.]

It has recently come to my attention that the mister of one of my (now seven!) bl*g readers won't watch a certain television program for spurious reasons that involve Blair Waldorf's headbands. I had prepared a long argument detailing the show's finer points, but instead I present to you (and you know who you are, mister) Chuck Bass:

Yes, that is a velour J.Lo-style sweatsuit.

And yes, that is a sequined jacket.

His name, after all, is Chuck Bass.

Do you have a problem with this headband? Apparently Chuck Bass loves Flashdance, too.

Good god, it's a cravat.

Croquet, anyone?

Who could refuse to watch a show with an evil villain thus attired? I ask you, who? A robot, maybe. A heartless tin man. But not the mister who does the best Flashdance I've ever seen (and I have seen many). This show was made for you, mister. Now get thee to the video store and rent the first season on DVD. Anon!


  1. Oh Chuck Bass, you had me at hello!

  2. I love it! It so good having you on my team Kater. Hell, he goes to bed early enough that I'll just start watching the damn show whilst he lays with visions of legwarmers dancing in his head.

  3. By the way, is that an iphone in Chuck Bass' burnt sienna pants pocket or his he very oddly happy to see someone (a reflection of himself perhaps?)

  4. The clothes are fabulous of course but let's not let them overshadow his ever changing hair dos. They are, quite frankly, genius.

  5. W., if only the mister could see that this is for his own good.

    I actually couldn't decide whether to comment on Chuck's pocket package or his neckwear; they're both notable in that photo, but you know how I feel about iPhones...

  6. Well, it's official: - Chace Crawford to play Ren McCormack for the Footloose remake. This HSM fan is disappointed not to see Zac Efron busting out more quasi-erotic dance moves, but you GG-ers must be psyched.

  7. CHUCK BASS!!!
    he is so hot. his clothing is amazing the outfits are perfect. Blair and Chuck are the most beautiful couple in the world.