Thursday, April 23, 2009

that's right

Do you see what this is?

It's a delicious bowl of gruel.

Do you know who it's thanks to? Not you, my recipe-withholding bl*g readers. And not lazy old me, either. It's thanks to Suzy, the vegan, British playwright who (thank god) is not leaving the residency, as she earlier thought she might.

In addition to being a maker of gruel, Suzy is an astrologer, and while we were stranded in Denver she read my chart. Now she says things to me like "That's right, you're Uranian," which makes me feel like I'm hanging out with my therapist, who would probably say things like "That's right, you're neurotic" if we ever had dinner together.


  1. Um, that truly looks like gruel or Sally's dog food, it's hard to tell which.

    So sad you are missing the Maple Festival this year. I am organizing a caravan in your absence.

  2. It was actually quite good -- super flavorful, with coconut milk in the broth. I added the spinach, and there were also carrots and cauliflower... Which may be how they eat at the dog spa that is your house.

    I'm sad, too, that I'll be missing Maple Fest. "Maple creemees, maple donuts, maple cotton candy...we're Maple People!"

  3. Alright sassy lady.

    Abe and I just went for our evening constitutional. He had a lovely walk, I am half in the bag so I hardly noticed the walk.

  4. Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed that I wrote that I was half in the bag but whatever, I was.