Thursday, April 23, 2009

woman cannot live by gruel a la nuts alone

I was going to title this post, “gruel a la nuts out the ass,” but there were so many possible misinterpretations.

I made a big batch of gruel a la nuts on Sunday and have been eating it for dinner ever since, with the exception of the night I had scary Mexican. Not a scary Mexican, scary Mexican food. And although, as Chris can attest, I have an incredible capacity for repetitive eating and an abiding love for gruel a la nuts, I think that tomorrow night I’m going to have to cook myself a new pot of gruel.

I want something that I can make a big batch of and heat up or eat cold for the following couple of nights. I would like something with a grain or bean, a vegetable or two. It could have parts that need to be assembled into a whole (e.g., a burrito, although I’ve been eating a burrito every day for lunch), but I don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen after the first night, because I have wine to sit around and drink with my new friends. I mean, I have shake weed to smoke and a novel to write.

Suggestions, anyone?


  1. it is too late, because this was a long time ago. (and, while it makes me look creepy to start your bl*g from the beginning, like a book, that is how i do things. because it is like a book, a very, very entertaining one that i laugh a lot at.) at any rate, should you find yourself in the position to need a large amount of food, here is what you should eat:

    bowtie pasta
    pine nuts
    sundried tomatoes (rehydrated in warm water for a few minutes)
    spinach (i like a lot)
    lemon juice
    olive oil
    crushed red pepper (if you like it hot)

    boil your pasta. you can saute the garlic, to mellow it out, if you please. when the pasta is done, just toss in spinach (the hot pasta will wilt it) and everything else, with lemon juice to taste. great warm, cold, or luke. and it seems fancy enough to serve as a nice meal. enjoy.

  2. Almanzo. That's good. We could call him Manny, which I still like, though I believe Laura called her Almanzo Manley. I also like Royal (Roy for short), which I think was Almanzo's brother's name, but I've already run that one by the yachtsman, who was not having it.