Sunday, May 31, 2009

farmer booty

My take from the farmers market included rainbow chard and baby beet greens, D'Avignon radishes, three kinds of cheese, a kale-and-garlic stuffed bread from Naga (where they grow and mill their own wheat -- welcome to Vermont, party people), more microbasil...but I think the highlights are the first strawberries of the season (I feel like I've been waiting my whole life, but in reality winter was a mere nine months long)

and fresh eggs.

While the yachtsman dreams of living on a boat (please don't make me), I fantasize about keeping chickens; if I could have a couple in our 740 square foot apartment, I would. This week, however, I bought my eggs from Boucher Family Farm, where the chickens have more square footage then I do, the lucky bastards. I mean, bitches. I mean, chickens.

In an unfortunate turn of events that involved my dog bleeding profusely from the nose while I chased him with a wad of paper towels and cried hysterically, I was unable to make it to the first Summer Fry Fest. But the event was attended by the (vocal) majority of GFD's readership, who promised to take photos while they rudely had fun in my absence. I will post an update when I am updated.


  1. Let it be known that the fried Twinkies were the biggest letdown of them all. With so much potential - battered & unbattered - these little beasts made us all want to hurl. Perhaps if they had gone into the oil BEFORE the pickles, mozz sticks, zucchini, Oreos, Caramel Delights, egg rolls, fries and perogies.... and into our bellies before the same, we might have enjoyed them more.

  2. So sorry to have missed the Fry Fest, but have been anxiously awaiting these first reviews - Mojie, if it can become quarterly, I will make every effort to make it happen! Just curious what kind of beverage best accompanies a plate of fried pickles and oreos. Is it a unique wine? exotic mixed drink? simple lager?
    Kate - what's up with Abe Lincoln and his nose? Is all well?

  3. The picture of those strawberries is my new desktop wallpaper. Should royalties be paid in the form of microbasil or paper towels?

  4. What a great idea, Quizzle! I just made them my wallpaper too!

  5. You can pay me in valium, thanks, J Quizzle. Every time my dog sneezes, it looks like there's been a stabbing in my apartment. If Dexter were analyzing the blood spatter, he'd think a midget with a blunt object had been on a killing spree (which, as you know, is my biggest fear).