Friday, May 29, 2009

GFD this weekend

There are two offical GFD events taking place this weekend:

One is you taking a picture of your fridge and e-mailing it to me (k8oneill [at] yahoo [dot] com), which you can schedule at your own convenience, as long as you don't schedule it right after you've cleaned the fridge.

The other is the very first GFD-sponsored event, a Fry Fest that will be taking place at Mojie's house on Sunday. And when I say the event is "GFD-sponsored," I mean I will be bringing a Twinkie for the Fry Daddy. All seven of you loyal bl*g readers are welcome, though I know three of you live out of state and two of you have other plans. But if the rest of you are interested, you can read about how this all came to pass here, and shoot me an e-mail if you'd like the deets.


  1. How awesome would it be if I flew in from the 'Sas, and only for the night, expressly to attend the Fry Fest? My fantasy here is that all other attendees drop their fried goods and begin wakking for the animals, almost against their collective will, in elation, upon my unannounced entrance.

  2. That would be very, very awesome.

  3. I agree, that would be awesome indeed!

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  5. Okay, Mojie - removing your post, very cryptic and enticing.

    I shall be bringing pickles and oreos and maybe a MeatMan, although that tasty treat will leave his decision til the last minute.

    Can't wait for FryFest - May edition. (I'm adding that label so that there can be further iterations of this event. FryFest '09 seems to suggest this would be annual, which would never do.)