Monday, May 11, 2009

i was only away for three weeks

Chris has been growing out his hair, which makes him resemble, depending on who you ask, a yachtsman (in the opinion of some guy at the grocery store), an unkempt Donny Osmond (according to me), or Hugh Grant (so says his mom). He claims this is the look he's going for; I'm nervous.

While he waited for his Devil Dog Cake to cool yesterday, Donny "the Yachtsman" Osmond watched every available YouTube video of the Most Interesting Man in the World and asked that I let you in on the secret the new Dos Equis ad campaign. If you do not find this funny, do not tell the Yachtsman or you will never be invited aboard his boat (if that is a euphemism, I have no idea what it's for).


  1. I am thankful every day for Gruel for Dinner, my best connection to the pop culture of the modern(?) world. Without you, I would never have heard of Gossip Girls, Kenny Powers and, now, The Most Interesting Man in the World. And I have to admit that not only is he the Most Interesting but also the Most Hilarious...the Yachtsman is absolutely right. Thank you, GFD, and thank you, Donny. With your help I am off the island.

  2. Lord help you, Anonymous, if Gruel for Dinner is your connection to pop culture of the modern world. As that list reveals, we at GFD are not a sophisticated people.