Monday, May 4, 2009

i will miss you, kit carson liquor

I'll miss your hat and your wooden hand or gun or whatever it is you're pointing up into the air, hopefully trying to stop your horse, which I will also miss, from running into that rock. I'll miss your scarf, flapping in the wind, and I will miss your pointy nose.

I'll even miss your one sullen employee, who will not look up from the episode of COPS playing on the TV next to the register when he rings me out. But what I will miss the most, Kit Carson Liquor, is your cold Pacifico beer, which is sadly unavailable in Burlington, Vermont, but I will enjoy one last bottle tonight while I pack my bags...


  1. Clearly, the extension of his arm is not a gun or disproportionate hand, but a bottle opener - quite a propos for such an establishment. Why the early departure from CO? You have killed all motivation in me to get my ass up north!!

  2. Of course! A bottle opener! And how apropos that you, dear Challah, would recognize it as such (although doesn't Jim Beam have a twist-off cap?).

    Instead of getting your ass up north I recommend bringing it east. Summer in Vermont is a lot nicer than summer in Phoenix, and I'd love to see you and your cute offspring and husband.

  3. Aha!!! I love it! Challah is so smart, no surprise there!