Wednesday, May 20, 2009

if wishes were eggs on toast, every day at lunch i'd be a millionaire who had finished writing her novel

Instead of a cloud bl*g, GFD may turn into an egg-on-toast website. Soon I will have to start dressing up my eggs on toast with clown noses or funny hats to keep you interested.

Today my egg on toast was supplemented with Doe's Leap caprella; please note that I showed an unusual amount of restraint and only ate a third of it.

Given all the freakish things I've been reading about agriculture and food in this country, I'm happy to say my egg was laid on a nearby farm, my bread was baked at a local bakery, and the milk for that cheese came from a Vermont goat.

For dessert, however, I'll be indulging in a little piece of international rat-poop chocolate.


  1. rat poop chocolate sounds scarey, but somehow the rat poop coffee beans? Didn't discourage me in the least. Not in the least. Am I that addicted? apparently.
    stop down the studio sat after the market. 11-5

  2. Hey, Kath! See, I'm just as addicted to the chocolate as the caffeine. And sadly, the list of foods I would ingest rat poop to eat doesn't stop there.

    We're out of town this weekend; is the studio open every Saturday?