Monday, June 8, 2009

as far as i know, there have not yet been any casualties

The Yachtman asked that I post this picture and call the post "dumpster wars." I'm not sure who, exactly, is at war, though I know it involves the dumpster in the parking lot behind our building, the crappy Brazilian restaurant in our lobby, a flock of seagulls (actual birds, not the band), and the Yachtsman.

The Yachtsman: "Write, 'Today is D-Day in the dumpster wars.'"
Me: "What does that mean?"
The Yachtsman: "They'll know what it means."
Me: "Who will know what it means?"
The Yachtsman: [IGNORES ME.]
Me: "Are you going to storm the shores of the parking lot?"
The Yachtsman: "Just write it."


  1. Who is the man in the photo? Is that the Yachtman himself preparing his strategy, or is it the unsuspecting opposing side? I am hoping for some shots from the battlefield - if you possess the courage to approach the front lines!

  2. I actually think that is the opposing side setting land mines in the dumpster, which the seagulls will detonate, waking the yachtsman at 5:30 a.m., who will then lie awake planning his complex military strategy, which as far as I can tell currently consists of cursing when he walks by the crappy Brazilian restaurant and making the troops in his command write bl*g posts. Though I don't know for sure: It's all classified.