Monday, June 8, 2009

fridge porn

Nanny trainer/scooter rider/white-food lover | Essex Junction, VT | 1-person household with an egg share and a raw milk share | I just read about that woman married to the German who passed himself off as a Rockefeller. She said that she gave him her salary, $2 million a year, and he spent all the money and gave her none. She said she would wake up hungry in the middle of the night. No danger of that for me, but could I have been married to him in another life and thus I am a hoarder?


  1. I would like to note that this fridge has exactly one MORE dozen eggs then mine!

  2. I love this fridge, Nanny Trainer. You eat all my favorite yoghurt, best salsa, best eggs...maybe a little too much mayo in there though.
    As a fellow hoarder in a 1 person household,it is a pleasure to view someone else who values eating and excess!

  3. Scooter Trainer does amazing things with that mayo, so I do not begrudge her. For example, this amazing potato salad with fresh little peas and dill, and also the best egg salad in the world. Among other things.