Tuesday, June 2, 2009

buy this book

I'm not telling you to do this because the poet is my friend. I'm not even telling you because the poems are amazing -- beautiful and heartbreaking. I'm telling you because it's a good investment.

Think of it as a get-rich-slow scheme: Buy this book now, and when Taije is the poet laureate of the United States, you can sell your first edition copy of her first book for oodles of money. Although you won't want to part with it.

It's called Houses Are Fields, and it's by Taije Silverman. You can find it online at all the usual places.


  1. It's true, these poems are breathtaking....and heartbreaking. You won't want to part with it.

  2. I ordered it today (sorry, from Amazon - I'm a "prime" member, so will have it the day after tomorrow; I know, I know, those indie bookshops are dying...). Anyhoo, can't wait to read this book, Last time I saw Taije was at your beautiful and fun wedding.

  3. I actually thought of you, Sue, while I was cutting Chris's long locks the other day, and the pre-wedding haircut you gave him at Hewitt!

    Enjoy Taije's book...

  4. Oh those clippers haven't seen a day since then...