Thursday, June 11, 2009

don't read this if you're sick of looking at strawberries

Actually, don't even read this whole bl*g, if you're sick of looking at strawberries. Because if you're sick of looking at strawberries, you're crazy, and GFD is written for the sane by the sane.

(With Greek yogurt. Some of these are from Adam's, some from Mazza's. We did a taste test this morning, and the two kinds of berries are decidedly different. If I had a refined palate, I would tell you which berries had notes of berries, but instead I will tell you what my mother used to tell my sister and me: I love them both the same, just differently. [Note to Mojie: That was Mom's code for, "Katie, I love you the most. Now run along and taunt your sister with this knowledge."])


  1. Oh, is that why you told me I was adopted for 15 years? Mom told you to taunt me? Now I get it!

  2. By the way, Mom only said that to you, to me she said "I love you the most, don't tell your sister, I tell her I love you both the same".