Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mojie's tamales

I went to Mojie's house this afternoon, woke her up from a nap, and demanded she give me some of her homemade tamales. Probably because she was groggy, she acquiesced, and gracias a Dios for that.

Also, ole! Mi casa es su casa. Chupa mi huevos. Donde esta el banyo? Adios.

That's the extent of my Spanish, but Mojie's tamales are goooood. I think bueno is the word I'm looking for. Muy, muy bueno.


  1. how can she whip up something as amazing as tamales so muy rapido? and why is she not the tamale woman at local farmer's markets around the state?

  2. Why thank you GFD! Consider it payback for the balsamic onions!

    Q - I have to say, I got I to the tamale making business because the tamale girl at the BFM is SUCH a ripoff!!!