Monday, June 22, 2009

today's theme: chocolate desserts made by other people

Because I'm getting lazy. Which is what happens to old ladies. First the memory goes, then the bladder, and finally the will to bl*g. Luckily, GFD reader JFON whipped up a batch of Mexican Chocolate Pudding after reading about it here and sent photos.

JFON found the pudding easy to make and delicious, but he somewhat belligerently refuses to call it pudding: "I realize that it technically is a pudding because it does not have either eggs or cream in it, but its consistency to me is much more like a mousse, so I'm calling it a mousse."

I present to you JFON's Mexican Chocolate Don't-You-Be-Calling-It-Pudding Mousse.

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  1. oooohh! I'll send you a picture of the nutella ice cream I made last night. Matt LaBee and I are going to make some Heath batlr crunch tonight too so I'll send that too if you like!