Friday, June 19, 2009

it's not pretty

Signs I'm getting old:

1. I've changed the settings on my internet browser and in Word to enlarge the text so I can read without squinting my eyes and straining my neck.
2. Chris opened a kitchen cupboard the other day and found my sunglasses on the lazy Susan.
3. My bursitis has been acting up.

Shall I go on?

4. We were going to see a friend play music last night but could not stay up.
5. Chris is worried I'm going to damage the floor shuffling around in my slippers.

6. I wear slippers. All the time. And my Couch Jedi outfit is so comfortable, I may skip the mom jeans and go straight to granny pants. That's right: I'm starting to think elastic waistbands are a viable sartorial option.
7. I play bridge. Like someone with dementia.

I blame all of this on moving back to Vermont. And raising all these kids (your mind just goes!). And, um, the drugs? I think I'm going to start doing drugs.


  1. What bursitis??
    And Bridge is what keeps you young. I read it in the NY Times.

  2. One of those feet monkeys is awake and the other is asleep? Or just missing eyes? I think you should put Stevie Wonder glasses on it.