Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the bluebird tavern

I think Chris and I may have found the perfect restaurant. He can get a double burger while I eat a salad with a fried egg on top. That's right, GFD's famous salad-with-an-egg-on-top has made it to the big time.

As my stepmother pointed out, I can (and do!) make a salad with a fried egg on top at home, but that isn't nearly as exciting as having one made for me. And the last time Chris made a burger I caught him washing an onion before he peeled and sliced it. You know, because it was dirty.

Also, they may not have a liquor license, but the Bluebird makes some lovely cocktails nonetheless. I sampled two, the Lillet mojito and sangria. Mama like.

[Thursday night, Challah? Friday? You and me and a couple of Lillet mojitos? I'll make sure they special order some Funyuns.]


  1. How clever that you timed this with today's review in the BFP!

  2. Agreed. Bluebird is so good. Have you tried Sauce in Shelburne? Also tasty and creative.

  3. I've been to Bistro Sauce once, and I thought it was adequate. And I'm not just saying that because the guy who is now their chef completely and totally and utterly botched the food at my wedding and left a kitchen so filthy my mom was up until 3 a.m. cleaning it, while his staff was at the reception dancing and drinking. [Don't. Even. Get. Me. Started.]