Thursday, July 9, 2009

my old man

We've headed back to the Adirondacks to celebrate the yachtsman's 61st birthday. There will be champagne wishes and caviar dreams, jaunty hats, naked women jumping from cakes, circus peanuts, Lawrence Welk impersonators, limousines, ribbiting frogs, cigars, bubble machines ... the usual.

Happy weekend to you, too.

c. 1974


  1. 61!!!! That makes me 86. I look pretty good.

    His Momma

  2. Woah! When did Chris meet KISS??!!

  3. You've aged him more than any of us realized. Dad

  4. Chris was Peter Criss's roadie from 1974 until Criss left the band in 1979, at which point Chris went on the road with Lawrence Welk and Criss went on to make several horrible solo albums.