Monday, September 28, 2009

tomato-cheddar soup, an addendum

As I mentioned last week, I recently made tomato-cheddar soup on a hot day for my book club, and a couple of those talented, industrious, non-Twilight-reading ladies have not only cooked up batches of their own, but made improvements, which I thought I'd share with you.

Rebekah added sauteed shrimp, which I think is brilliant in spite of the fact that I hate shrimp; this would be a delicious addition for you weirdos who like fishy rubber.

On Sarah's recommendation, Kerrie substituted half of the sharp cheddar cheese for smoked cheddar cheese, which sounds pretty dreamy. Kerrie also added some chipotle adobo sauce (I love this stuff: smoky and spicy and a good addition to just about anything except dessert, and in the right hands it would probably be good in dessert, too) and finely grated some garlic in at the end.

Rebekah and Kerrie and Sarah need to start bl*gs. Anon.

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