Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the heat is on

I'm not singing a Glenn Frye song or trying to tell you that I'm wanted by the five-oh: The heat is literally on. For the first time this year. Woe (and cold) is me.

Also in the Woe Is Me category is the soup I made Sunday night.

The yachtsman just walked by, saw this photo, and asked, in a French accent, "Is that vomit?"

This photo really doesn't do it justice: What's in that bowl looks like it was dredged from the bottom of a swamp. Which is too bad, because it's quite tasty. So I'm going to fool around with the recipe and see if I can make the soup a little more aesthetically pleasing, and if I succeed I will post it here. In the meantime, I'm eating pond scum every day for lunch this week.

In the Puppies! category, I present to you Mr. President Peanut Jimmy Carter Poodle Chester Arthur POTUS Leo Rabbit Eugene Manny Luke Skywalker Manwhore Miller O'Neill.

The yachtsman just walked by, saw this photo, and asked, "Are you doing another post about the puppy? Maybe you should do a post about me."


  1. How is it that I'm about fifteen states south and I turned the heat on a week and a half before you? Either you've been layering yourself in Snuggies. Or, it's official: I'm a pussy.

    In other news, I may or may not be vaguely bitter that tomorrow is the day you should be in Arkansas, and the next day is the day you and I should be straight (or, alternately, gaily) krunk in Laura Ingalls' front yard.

  2. It's official: You're a pussy.

    In other news, I am completely and totally and utterly bitter -- devastated, actually -- that we will not be gaily krunk on Laura's grave in two days.

  3. Hey bitches - that soup looks delicious & I can't wait for the recipe.

    Love the pupper name & oh, 'bitches' is contagious.

  4. FYI, of no relation to soup, yachtsmen, bitches, or pussies - I went to Frida's in Stowe and was tempted to try their flan (and by tempted I mean I ordered their flan).

    I just have to say this in relation to your flan versus their flan:

    I know Kate's flan. Kate's flan is a personal friend of mine. Frida's flan is no Kate's flan.

  5. That pond scum soup is completely delicious, and I speak from having just thoroughly enjoyed a bowl. Please post the recipe...I want to make it!

    And please add Bimbo to Mr. Whatsit's name...preferably after Manwhore and before Miller. His great grandfather would be honored to have the little pooch named after him.

  6. Oh, Lloyd Bentsen, you are too kind. Or maybe the bar is just very, very low. I went once to Frida's and afterward had this to say: I know taquerias. Taquerias are a personal friend of mine. And Frida's is no taqueria. (Though if you're judging by Vermont standards, Frida's is, sadly, the best Mexican restaurant in the state.)