Sunday, December 6, 2009

it's good to be home

We had a very busy first few days back in Vermont, and then a wonderfully lazy weekend. I'm still relying mostly on the kindness of strangers, relatives, and friends for food, though on Friday night I made this: so simple yet surprisingly delicious, well matched with spicy greens dressed in a little lemon and olive oil.

Other good things:

My pretty new Sarah Ryan bag.

Sunday morning tea and bagels.

The Skye Gyngell Cauliflower Soup With Gorgonzola and Pickled Pear Relish I hope to make this week, though I think I'll need a dinner date, as the yachtsman is going to be out of town and this looks too rich for me to eat a pot of alone.

Not that I couldn't eat a pot of it alone. I just wouldn't shouldn't.


  1. Looks delicious! How's Wednesday work for you? I have pink wine and will travel....

  2. Is that you with your satchel? Because if this whole Couch Jedi/blog-mistress thing doesn't work out, I think you have a career waiting for you as a catalogue model.

  3. You're on, M. LaBee, though it looks like it will have to be next Wednesday; are you and your pink wine free then? Maybe Face can come, too, and pick up her vampire smut.

    That is me with my satchel, J Quizzle, and I would take the plunge and go full time posing for the Sears circular, but I fear my catalogue model career would be about as lucrative as my Couch Jedi/bl*g mistress endeavors.