Tuesday, December 1, 2009

last day in sarasoda

Sarasoda is what the yachtsman and I are going to call our business when we move to Florida and become rich, fat entrepreneurs who eat donuts every morning for breakfast before heading to our office at the beach. Our money-making enterprise may be a gourmet soda pop company, or it's possible that we'll manufacture sodium bicarbonate. What matters is that we've settled on a name and soon will no longer have to shovel snow.

See you back in Vermont...


  1. Wanted to commend you on your restraint. I can't help but think you really wanted to write "See you back in Vermont. . .bitches."

  2. Oh, William, you have no idea. I have to stop myself from ending nearly every sentence, both on this bl*g and, more recently, in conversation with others (friends, family, the cashier at the corner store, etc.) with an exuberant "bitches!" But really, would it be so wrong? Would it, bitches?!?