Tuesday, February 2, 2010

remember the beach?


Wish I were there.

Instead I'm here, and have taken to wearing my parka in the house. Which doesn't keep my nose warm. Why is my nose so cold? Why do we live in Vermont? Why didn't we plan a tropical vacation? Why, god, why?


  1. 1. If you were in Mississippi, in a certain sex rehabilitation facility a la a certain pro-golfer, you would be warmer. Just an observation.

    1a. I once met a woman who lived in Minnesota and whose tips of her fingers and her nose kept falling off because it was so cold, so she had to move to Austin. Watch out for that.

  2. In case you aren't taking this seriously enough, be sure and read the article from the NYTimes Magazine a week ago called Cold Case, by Lisa Sanders...Seriously, peeps, allergy to cold is, well, serious.

    Me, I'm heading south.

  3. when i was little, the doctors told my mom that i had an allergy to the cold. they decided this after a brief swim in a local chilly swimming hole caused me to pass out cold...and whenever i ate popsicles, my lips would swell up twice there size. it's weird, i know. i thought i had grown out of it completely, but remember that sunday that it snowed so hard? well,i helped my bo shovel the driveway (which took 4 hours), after which my legs looked look they had 1000 bee stings all over them...completely covered it hives and itchy as all heck.

  4. Omigod, Little Cupcake, that's exactly what happened to the person in the Times article! It's urticardia, an allergy to the cold itself. Move south!

  5. i guess i should read that article...

  6. I'll take that under advisement, Q, though I think you're the only one who finds T-Woods worth stalking.

    I'd say you should move south, MLC, but I really hope you won't. Here's the link to the NY Times article:


  7. MLC, real estate is dirt cheap in Arkansas, and there are no cupcake shops here! Now is the time to rock out with your cupcakes out! To roll in, cupcakes blazing! Southern fame and Arkansan fortune could be yours!